Paskey’s Wharf, 213 Wyatt Street, Frederica DE 19946.

Fishing Report

2023 Fishing Reports

Date Comments
July 9th Another nice day fishing. caught plenty of fish today.
July 8th Had some action today with flounder trout kingfish bluefish and croakers.
July 6th Slow start to the day but did catch a couple flounder, trout and croakers.
July 3rd Had a small private charter today but did manage a couple trout and a couple croakers.
July 2nd Steady picking all day but did manage some nice flounder and a few nice trout.
July 1st Lots of action today with with some shorties of flounder and trout, we did manage some keepers of trout, croakers, kingfish and a nice trigger fish.
June 30th Had a good with fishing. we caught some nice flounder, trout and kingfish.
June 25th Still a little rough fishing but did manage some trout and croakers.
June 24th Fishing was a little rough today but we did manager a few trout and a couple of croakers.
Sunday June 18th Had some action around the boat today. had a few keeper trout and one kingfish.
Saturday June 17th Not much action today. we did manage 3 keepers.
Friday June 16th Lots of action today. Plenty of trout caught and one king fish and 2 croakers.
Thurs June 15th Little action around the boat with a few keeper trout..
Sunday June 11th Our Oyster Cracker Tournament got off to a good start. Had some action all around the boat. We caught a lot of shorties but did manage a 2lb 20z flounder and a couple trout along with some croakers.
Saturday June 10th Lots of action all around the boat with trout croakers and oyster crackers. Even boated a nice 18 1/2 puppy drum.

2022 Fishing Reports

Date Comments
Friday May 13th We were reading the drum but we were not able to catch any
Saturday May 14th We caught plenty of taug but none was big enough to keep
We were reading plenty of drum was still was not able to catch any.
Sunday May 15th Plenty of taug were caught but none was big enough to keep
The drum was there but we still were not able to catch any.
Friday May 20th We caught our first Drum of the season weighting in at 55lbs.
Saturday May 21st We caught a trout on our morning trip and a 40lb drum in the evening.
Thursday May 26th Went bottom fishing but nothing was caugh
Friday May 27th Caught one undersize trout in the morning and in the afternoon 3 drum was caught. 21lb, 39lb and 41lb
Saturday May 28th Caught one kingfish in the morning and one 39lb drum in the afernoon
Monday May 30th Good day on the bay caught a few unsize but did bring in 3 keeper trout
Good sign that the fish are coming on
June 11th Morning headboat. the fish seem to be coming on. brought in a couple of trout.
June 12th Oyster Cracker Tournament. Alot of action. we caught a varity of fish including a couple of Sea Robins. Plenty of trout, kingfish and flounder.
Tuesday June 21st plenty of action. Brought in trout kingfish and flounder
Tuesday June 21st lots of action with around 100 croakers being caught
Friday June 24th lots of action. brought in flounder trout and kingfish
Saturday June 25th not much action but did manage a couple flounder and trout
Sunday June 26th fun day on the bay, brought in flounder trout kingfish and ribbon fish
Friday July 1st Had some action and brought in some Flounder, Trout and croaker
Saturday July 2nd Had a slow day with not much action. A couple of Shark were caught and released
Sunday July 3rd Good day with lots of action. brought in Kingfish, Bluefish and croaker
Sunday July 7th Had some winds and waves but managed a few croakers
July 9th Had some rough weather but did catch some croakers
July 10th had a good fishing. we caught a couple trout, alot of croakers and 6 ribbon fish.
July 11th A slow day but did manage 2 trout and 7 croakers
July 12th Another good day with some croakers being caught
July 13th Not much action but did manage a few kingfish and a couple spot
July 15th not a bad day but did manage some croakers
July 16th a little slow day but did manage a couple croakers and trout
July 17th great time on the tournament. we caught flounder trout and ribbon fish
July 18th good day on the water caught some croakers and kingfish
July 20th a little slow day but did manage some ribbonfish
July 22nd A little warm on the bay but did catch some croakers and kingfish
July 23rd had some action with croakers trout and kingfish
July 25th A little windy and rough but managed some trout
July 26th caught some trout, flounder, croakers and ribbonfish
July 27th managed a few croakers and a couple trout
July 29th Try doing some Shark tagging but lost 3
July 30th caught a few croakers and kingfish
August 1st – August 19th Caught a variety of fish. Ribbonfish seem to be plentiful and Trout are getting better. Caught a few croakers and kingfish
August 20th A very good fishing. Caught croakers, flounder, trout kingfish and a couple spot.
August 21st Beautiful weather with plenty of fish caught. Trout, kingfish, flounder, croaker and a nice puppy drum.
August 27th Lots of action with plenty of Flounder, Trout, Triggerfish and Croakers caught.
September 1st Did a short fishing trip but managed a few ribbon fish and a trout
September 3rd Was a good fishing. Plenty of flounder trout and blues
September 4th Fantastic day on the water. A lot of action again with plenty of flounder trout blues and a few triggerfish
September 13th Had a storm off the coast which created some NE winds, we manage to get out on Sunday Sept. 11th. The bay was stirred up but did manage 2 trout.
September 16th Had a few shorties but did manage some trout a blue fish
September 17th Such a beautiful day with trout flounder and croaker being caught
September 18th Another beautiful day. we caught a flounder some trout and few sea bass
September 25th A little rocky on the bay but did manage some puppy drums, trigger fish and trout
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