Paskey’s Wharf, 213 Wyatt Street, Frederica DE 19946.

Delaware Cruise Charters


  • Take fish off your line.
  • Drink alcohol in extreme excess as to bother other customers
  •  Go in the cabins or bathrooms if feeling nauseous. Please do so over the side of the boat
  • BRING BANANAS ON THE BOAT (bananas are bad luck on a boat)
  • Try to swing your fish over the rail. Call for a mate


  • Like our facebook page
  • Bring your own food and drinks
  • Ask mates for any help you may need
  • Yell for a mate if you have a fish on your line
  • Arrive at least ½ hour prior to the boat leaving
  • Tip your mates
  •  Have a great and memorial time on your trip

Should I wash my hands after applying sunscreen or lotion?

Yes, so that you do not contaminate the bait you touch or what’s in the bait cup.

What rigs should I use if I bring my own?

We use top and bottom rigs except for drum. We use slider rigs.

When should I arrive at the dock?

We ask that you arrive at least a half hour prior so you can check in and buy your ticket.

Am I allowed to bring alcohol?

Yes, and we ask that you do not drink in such a way that you bother other customers. We want all customers to have a wonderful experience.

May I purchase tickets in advance?

Yes, you may by calling us at 302-359-6600.

The largest charter boat in Bowers beach, Delaware

Come set sail with us on the beach. Come with friends and family, bring some food and make a day out of it. Reservations are required.

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