Running a fishing charter is no small task. There are a lot of moving parts involved and it can all get quite complex. In this post, we’ve isolated 3 important questions about fishing charters that are frequently asked. We’re going to try to answer them as best as we can.

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What should I bring on a fishing excursion?

What should you carry with you when you go fishing? Any necessary or essential items that you would bring on any other guided trip should be brought. This includes valuables such as your wallet and prescription pills.

Things tend to get wet on fishing charters, so, bring a small water-resistant bag for these items that need to be kept dry. Alternatively, you may ask the captain if there is a safe (and dry) spot onboard to store them. If you would like to take your fish fillets home with you, we recommend bringing towels to dry off and vacuum-seal bags.

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Will I catch fish on a fishing charter?

This is the most typical question people have when considering a fishing charter. The answer to this question is entirely dependent on the fishing charter company and area you select.

There is no assurance that you will catch a fish with most fishing charters. Indeed, even the best anglers in the world have days when they return to land empty-handed. While fishing does necessitate talent, knowledge, and a little luck, it’s crucial to remember that no one has complete control over nature.

Your captain will do everything possible to get you to a fishing spot where the fish are biting. Those that run fishing charters do it in part because they enjoy fishing — and they’re also excellent at it! Their comprehensive knowledge of their local waters, including several fish species’ behavioral trends, helps them boost the chances of having some success every time they go out on the water with a group.

Fortunately, because of the expertise of the crew you book, you will nearly always catch a fish on most fishing cruises. In fact, a novice is likely to catch quite a number. On average, most fishing expeditions catch 60 or more different species of fish.

Should I offer a tip?

It’s critical to understand the tipping etiquette involved in renting a fishing charter, whether you’re a resident or a visitor, before your expedition begins. You should not offer our captain a tip because they will decline and that might make the situation a bit awkward. You may offer members of our crew tips but do not feel embarrassed if they politely turn it down. They are professionals who take their jobs seriously. However, you may pay our captain and our crew compliments as this will brighten their day.

Why is it important to pay the captain and crew a compliment?

Running a tight ship necessitates regular maintenance and effort to guarantee that it is always seaworthy and safe for individuals who are unfamiliar with sailing. You should be aware that your skipper has spent years, if not decades, on the ocean learning everything they can about the critters that live beneath the surface. When you factor in these things, you will not think twice about complimenting them for a job well done.

A good captain and crew will take you out to sea, but they’ll also take you to the regions where you’ll have the highest chance of catching the most fish. Your fishing trip will be unforgettable thanks to their knowledge and expertise, as well as their level of service. A nice compliment goes a long way.

In conclusion

We hope we’ve done justice to these three common questions. If you have any more questions, leave us a comment down below and we will get you an answer as soon as we can.

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